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DD.     Determination, Dignity and Discipline
Dada=Nigerian mother of animals, fishing and the water.  West Africa.
Damwamwit=Mother of the Gurage nation.  She is ceremonies and disorder.   East Africa.
Danu=Molther of ancient Dubhland, Ireland.  North Europa.
Data=Nigerian mother of the Kalabari nation.  She represents the waters.  West Africa.
Deborah="Queen Bee", Hebrew prophet and ruler.  Hebrew/Africa.
Devi=Title for the divine/holy mother of India.
Dido=Priest, queen and founder of Carthage.  North Africa.
Dinah=Mother of the last matrilineal Hebrew nation.  Hebrew/Africa.
Dogon Sun Mother=Mother of the Malian Dogon nation.  She represents agriculture.  West Africa.
Doris=Pre-Hellenic mother of the waters, mother of the Dorians.  
Hellenic/South Europa.
Draupadi=Heroine of the Mahabharata, an Indian epic.  India.
EE.     Everlasting, Ecstasy and Enigma
Eingana=Snake mother-creator of the Kore nation.  Australia.
Ekineba=She is  the mother of the Kalabari nation.  She is the arts, 
education, knowledge and ceremony.  West Africa.
Erinyes=Immortal maidens of the pre-Hellenic era.   Hellenic/South Europa.
Eriskegal=Sumerian mother of the earth.  Mesopotamia/South Iraq.
Esther=Hebrew heroine, possibly another name for Ishtar.  Hebrew.
Eve=Original name is Hawwah, first mother of the Hebrew creation story.  
Ezili-Freda-Dahomey=Loa spirit of sensuality in Haitian voodoo.  Central America.

GG.     Greatness, Grace and Glory
Gaia=Mother of the beginnings and the earth.  Hellenic.
Gnowee=Mother of the sun of the Wotijabaluk, SE Australia. 
Goga=Primal old woman of the Papuan New Guinea nation.  South Asia.

HH.     Harmony, Happiness and Humbleness
Hagar=Desert mountain mother of the Ishmaelite people.  North Africa.
Hannah=Prophet and mother of Mary.  Hebrew.
Harpies=Daughters of the death mother, female death spirits or birds.   Greece.
Harmonia=Called also the "uniter", she is the daughter of Aphrodite (love) and Ares (war).   Greece.
Hecate=Mother of the crossroads.  Thrace/Balkans.
Hekt, Heket=Frog-headed mother of birth and fertility.  Khem.
Hegt=Wife of Khemu who is the resurrected.  Khem.
Hera="Holy One," mother of the sky, the earth, the moon and birth.  Other names are Rhea and Erua.  She is the wife and mother of Zeus.  Greece.
Hina-Ira=All pervading mother of the Polynesia nation.  Islands of the CS Pacific Ocean.
Hottentot Mother=She is the mother of Namibian Khorikoin nation.  She is sensuality, love and magic.  Africa.

II.     Insight, Introspection and Illumination
Ila=Ancient earth mother of India.  
Inanna/Nana=Sumerian mother. She is sensuality, ancestral blood and divine wife.  Mesopotamia/Iraq
Ishtar=Mother of the Babylonians and woman of the holy harlots.  Her name means "star".  SW Asia.
Isong/Eka Obasi/Obasi Nsi=Tortoise shell mother of the earth,  Ibibio/Ekoi nation.   West Africa.

KK.     Karma, Knowledge and Kindness
Kali=Mother of time, birth, death, disease, liberation and love.  India.
Kla=Soul in the Ashante language, feminine root.  West Africa.
Kottavi/Kotta-Kiriya=Mother of the Dravidian people nation.  S India.
Kuan Yin or Kwannon=Mother of water and compassion.  Asia.
Khwora! Ma=She is the Namibian, San mother of insects.  Africa.
Kono=Mother of the Ivory Coast, Malian, Semufu nation.  She is the mother of wild birds, family, ceremonies and the nation.  West Africa.


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