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One Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.

Historically African people's history and culture have been submerged to promote the idea of its innate inferiority and marginalization.  As we near the end of this period of human history, many of the truths of the past are being revealed.  These truths are emerging in a host of ways, among many different people.  One of those truths include the actual participation of African women and men in the support, invention, participation and maintenance of religions in many parts of the world. 
This use to be common knowledge, the prolifif spiritual nature of dark-skinned people but thanks to history it is not.  African people were a part of spiritual communities as a minority, majority or as the only members.  Until then we have to play this cat and mouse game to illustrate what has been known for generations.  One powerful way of doing this is through images.  The following galleries challenge our notions or hollywood perceptions of people, places and things.  Please do come back as more remarkable photos and galleries will be added. 
View the BGF Photo Album - We have an exceptional album of rare images. is the source of most of our images.  There you can purchase them as posters or framed images.  Enter Here
Freeman's Collection of Images - This is a wonderful gallery that looks at African participants in the Kemetic culture.  These images have been around for centuries and now they are being revealed to the mainstream public.  Enter Here
African Image Gallery - This gallery looks at the native people of Africa.  Wonderful images in color.  Enter Here

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