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LL.     Love, Lotus and Life
La'io-la'i=Mother born after chaos in Hawaiian cosmology.  C Pacific 
Lalla Ta Bullat=She is the mother of Morocco and divine guardian.  North Africa.
Lamia=Princess of Africa, her other names are Medusa, Athene and Neith.  Old Libya.
Lat=Another form of Al-Lat, an Old Arabian divine mother.  Central Arabia.
Lemkechen=Great mother among the Berber people.  North Africa.
Lillith=Rebellious mother who represents the serpents, sin and sensuality. Hebrew.
Lissa=She is the mother of the Fon Dahomey.  She represents the sun, day and disorder.  Africa.
 Lla-Mo=Mother of Tibetan Llamaism.  She is life, death and regeneration.  North India.

MM.     Maternity, Magnetism and Mastery
Makassa=Nigerian mother of the Maguzawa, Hausa nation.  She is the 
destroyer of life.  West Africa.
Mama Cocha=Elder mother of ancient Peru.  She is the ocean and water.  South America.
Marianites=Devotees of the virgin Mary and her trinity.  Old Europa.
Masaya=Mother of volcanoes and earthquakes.  Nicaraguan/South America.
Massassi=Zimbabwian mother of Rhodesian, Makoni.  She is the stars and planets.  SE Africa.
The Matronite=One of the demi-divinities of Judaism.  The Cabala/Hebrew.
Mawu=Creator mother of the Dahomey nation.  NW Africa.
Medea=Wise one and mistress of magic.   Greece.
Melissa=Means bee, devotee of the earth mother Demeter.  Greece.
Mella=Zimbabwian mother of the Bulera Ba Rowzi.  She is courage, health and healing.  SE Africa.
Minerva=Mother of wisdom and the moon.  Etruscan/West Italy.
Muhongo=Angolian mother of the Mbundu nation.  She is the great ancestor and woman of goodness.  SW Africa.
Muk Jauk=Dark lady of the earth.  Cambodia/South Asia.

NN.   Nature, Nirvana and Necromancy.
Nambi=First woman of Uganda who lived in the sky as princess of heaven.  East Africa.
Nammu=Sumerian mother of the formless waters of creation.  
Mesopotamia/South Iraq.
Nana Buluku=Mother of divine mother Mawu and her brother and lover Lisa of the Fon nation of Dahomey.  Africa.
Nemesis=Mother of retribution and punishment.  Greece.
Nebthet/Nephthys=Sister of mother Auset and the underworld.  Khem.
Ningal=Mother of the earth, from the Sumerian and Ugarit cosmology.  
Mesopotamia/South Iraq.
Nommo/Nummo=Malian and Nigerian mother  of the earth, sunlight and water.  West Africa.
Numma Moiyuk=Ocean mother of the Yulengor-Kore nation.  Australia.
Nut=Mother of the over-reaching cosmic sky.  Khem.
Nyante=Mother of the Bantu.  She is the primordial being of creation.  
Nyapilnu=Ancestral mother of the Kore-Yiritja people.  Australia.

OO.     Omnipotent, Oasis and Oracle
Obatallah=Mother of the Brazilian Macumba.  South America.
Obosom=Ghanian mother of the Akan.  She is the moon, night and 
immortality.  Africa.
Ochumare=Yoruba and Santeria mother of the rainbow.  Africa.
Orore=Mother of the Chaldeans, force before creation.  Chaldea.
Oshun=Mother of the waters of the Brazilian Macumba.  South America.
Owoamekaso=Mother of the Kalabari nation.  WC Africa.
PP.     Purity, Patience and Perserverence
Pani=A plant mother of the Polynesian Maori peoples.  Islands of the CS Pacific Ocean.
Papa=Mother of the earth, the Polynesian nation.  Isles of the CS Pacific Ocean.
Parvati=Mother of India and daughter of the Himalayas.  North India.
Pele=Mother of the volcano, daughter of the earth mother.  Pacific/Hawaii.
RR.     Righteousness, Rhythm and Radiance
Rachel=One of the four great Matriarchs of the Hebrew nation.  
Radha=Mother of abundance and divine partner of Krishna.  She is also 
Lakshmi.  India.
Rhea=Mother of the earth and moutains.  Cretan/South Europa.

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