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AA.    Abundance, Alpha and Altruism
A=Mother moon of the Chaldeans.  Chaldia
Ababa=Nigerian mother who represents the family and tribe.  She is the protector of marriages.  West Africa.
Abenewa=She is the mother of the Ghanian, Effutu nation.  She is the 
waters, fishing and animals.  West Africa.
Abuk=Mother of the DInka people of the Sudan.  East Africa.
Acek=Sudanese mother of the Padang DInka nation who represents agriculture and is the creator of life.   East Africa.
Adath=Canaanite mother, means lady.  Her divine husband is Adonis.  
Aega=Daughter of the sun deity.  Her sisters are Circe and Pasiphae.  
Agada=Mother of the Fulbe nation.  She represents direction and 
orientation.  West Africa.
Aida Wedo=Rainbow snake loa and mother of Haiti.  Central America.
Aisha Qandisha=Mother spirit of North Morocco.  Her divine husband is 
Hammu Qaiyu.  North Africa.
Aizu=Mother of the Benin, Fon Dahomey nation.  She is the sky, the heavens and wealth.  Africa.
Akpitoko=Mother of the Ghanian Ga nation.  She represents art and dancing. West Africa.
Ala=Earth mother creator of the Ibo nation of Nigeria.  West Africa.
Al-Uzza="Powerful One," title of the Arabic mother who founded Mohammed's nation, the Koreshites of Old Arabia.
Ament=Khemetic mother of the West and of death.  Khem/Egypt.
Ana Njoku=Mother of the Nigerian Ibo.  She is agriculture and her symbol is the yam.  West Africa.
Anath=This divine mother was honored by the Khemits, Canaanites and Hebrew among others.  She is the twin sister of mother Mari and is referred to as the "Strength of Life".  Other names are Athena and Neith.  Libya.
Andromeda=Philistine sea-mother of the moon.  Greece.
Annallja Tu Bari=Sundanese mother of sensuality and love.  East Africa.
Anu=Mother of Ireland and Africa, Anu Seti from Nubia and Libya.  Nubia.
Artemis=Mother of chastity, the moon and earth's creatures.  Greece.
Asherah=Mother of moral rectitude. Canaanite, Palestine, West of Jordan.
Asia=Mother of Guinea, Senegal and Gambia.  She is the creator of the earth and nature.  Africa.
Athena=Pre=Hellenic mother born out of the womb of Lake Tritonis in Libya. Her name means lap, vulva and womb.  Libya.
Atida=Ugandian mother of the Lango nation.  She represents wealth, fate, hunting and war.  West Africa.
Ayeba=Nigerian mother of the Tiv nation.  She is called the "Supreme 
Being".   West Africa.

BB.     Bliss, Benediction and Balance
Bast=Cat mother of the sunset and war.  Khem.
Belit Seri=Babylonian mother of writing for the underworld.  SW Asia
Bhavani=Mother of the Dasa nation of South India.
Bilhah=Great matriarch of the Hebrew nation.   Beta Israelite Hebrew.

CC.     Courage, Cooperation, and Confession
Callisto=Pre-Hellenic mother in Arcadia.  Hellenic/South Europa.
Candi=Mother of the moon in ancient India.  India.
Cassandra=Trojan prophet, the embodiment of the Trojan Goddess and daughter of mother Hekate.  NW Asia Minor.
Chekechani=Mother of the Malawi, Anyanja nation.  She is the night and the moon.  Africa.
Cleon=Pre-Hellenic mother of water.  Hellenic/South Europa.
Cybele=Mother of the divine Ones, Great One and nourisher.  Phrygia  


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