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In the female brain, there are unique neural links between the forebrain and the cerebellum, which allow sensations of physical pleasure to be directly integrated into the neocortex or high brain center. This explains why some women experience orgasm so profoundly that they enter religious trance or altered states of consciousness. This ecstatic female orgasmic experience, in which the physical and spiritual are fused, and one is at the core of great mystical experiences.

Through these manifold labor activities, the mind of women developed at a very rapid pace. Already alert, womans mind, due in part to maternal care, functions, developed a broad range of intellectual capacities. This was enhanced, also, by their diverse social activities. Right-side intelligence is the site of integrated thought. The ancient African approach to life and the world is holistic, bringing together divergent experiences into one to discern the whole essence. This worldview sees everything as one or connected and not separated. Separateness produces violence, war, hatred and illness. In a mind that is whole and complete, separation feels like illness, confusion or a headache. Oneness is pleasurable, blissful and peaceful. Right-brain awareness emphasizes improvisation, expression and harmonious interaction with others and nature. The right brain is the site of creativity, intuition and imagination. Between the right brain and the heart, you have that particular form of intelligence called common sense or wisdom.

The Divine Mother is the soul of the world. She is the Universal Soul and Universal Mind. Most ancient ideas and symbols for soul are maternal. Some of the names are Psyche, Pneumia, Anima, Mana and Alma. She takes divine form as Kore, Metis, Shekina, Shakti, Sapientia and Juno. Ancient peoples believed that all peoples received their divine soul, or mother soul from their earth mother. Each Khemite had nine souls, or nine Het Herus (Hathors) who guarded the planetary spheres. These are the divine godmothers who would be present at the birth of a newborn. These blessing Het Herus are the prototype for the fairy godmothers of the early childrens stories of Europa. Another word for female soul or soul of the universe is called Sophia.

The word, Sophia comes from the Khemetic word Sophos or Sophon, which means learned. The word philosophia, which is related to the word Sophia, comes from the Khemetic words SB3 and SEBA, which means to instruct, to educate, to learn or teaching. The word philosophia, when broken down mean, philo, to love and sophia, science and wisdom. Thus, philosophia or philosophy means a love for science and wisdom.

Mother Sophia, who is part of the Khemetic tradition and later adopted by the Gnostics, is often, represented as a black woman, a black dove or a black stone. African women are often found to be the symbols of truth (MAAT), universal energy (Shakti), light and idea (Juno), inspiration (Muse) and soul (Sophia).

There are three brains.  The one brain on top of the head, the one located in the gut and the one there in the heart.  The stomach has so many neuron connections that it is called a second brain.  It is the source of our gut feelings and knowing that seems to come when we are making decisions or sizing up a person or environment.  The gut and heart are important in working with our own intellectual sense for it creates balance in accessing solutions and the truth around us. 

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The Many Minds of Mother