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 Lessons from the Piscean Age
           Looking back at history is sometimes uncomfortable and frightning. 
      Afterall, the many centuries of war, colonization and enslavement is
      something that most people of color avoid.  This is made even more
      convenient by the general suppression, confusion, deletion and silence on
      these matters provided by governments, media, religion and even academia. 
      The silence does not allow people to find closure.  It also makes it
      difficult to live in the present and to understand the concepts and ideas
      that form modern culture.  We are a product of past events. Rather it is
      the achievements of Kemet, the ancestral myths of aboriginal culture or
      the traumatic rumblings of the trans-atlantic slave trade.  Our
      understanding as displaced Africans  influences our present and our
           There are many lessons to gauge concerning our collective journey. 
      There are so many angles, particulars and issues - some we have faced and
      transcended honorably and yet others remain like old sores- festering
      within our humanity.  These ancestral wounds are with us everyday of our
      lives.  They move us into action, silence us into submission and motivates
      us to courageous reflection and ultimately change.
           The one lesson of history that is one of the most challenging and the
      most important regards are commitment to our own Truth.  Over the years
      human beings have learned to negate their truth in order to survive.  We
      come to believe in order to conform to a very aggressive, fearful and
      predatory culture we must completely negate our very essence.  This
      includes the way we look, the way we live, love, practice our faith,
      dress, express ourselves and even the way we think and experience our
      world.  When we are unable to validate feelings and innate practices then
      the false mask grows harder, stiffer and suffocating.  Thus the massive
      dependence on drugs, metaphysical malpractice by ordained spiritual
      leaders, social isolation, communal violence and degeneration.  In order
      to unlearn this we must believe it is safe for us to share our truth in
      all its ethnicity, difference and beauty.
          This is the challenge of our generation and that is to express our
      truth, not the politically correct version, not the enslavement version,
      not the major religion kind, but the raw here and now reality.  The best
      of luck on your journey and may you come to know nothing but your Truth. 
      Copyright Matam Press 2001-2003  All Rights Reserved.