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The White Dove

The white dove is an important symbol of the Black Goddess. Even today a white dove with a olive branch in its beak represents peace, harmony and good relations. This was originally a symbol of Mother as peacemaker, the holy ghost, great healer and protector and divine messenger and interceder of our Beloved. This is also a conspicuous signl of the ancestors. The Old Ones are white doves, Mothers and Fathers whose great lesson is love, spiritual maturity, harmony, balance and peace.

Our Lady of the Rose

The red rose is the flower of Our Great Mother. She is the Black Madonna, Lady of Guadelupe, Mother of Compassion and Mercy. The rose is her love and compassion perfected, her wisdom and patience for the children of the earth. It is her heart, her mind and her womb. As the rose, She represents the rose garden, the rosary, the eternal rose of the universe and the open petal rose of the heart chakra.

Portal to the Unseen World

The Black Goddess is the door from one world to another. That is why She is shown in legend drawn inside sarcophagi, on the ledges of doors, on pillars near entranceways and on signs near a cross road. She is the door into the invisible world and into the world of matter. For it is Her presence that guides and oversees the process of birth and rebirth. She is the lock and key and by Her words alone one receives access to so many unknown and unimaginable worlds and levels of existence. As the portal or door of the Beloved, the Black Goddess gives us access with Her blessings to different parts of creation and different aspects of ourselves.

Mother of Time, Karma and Cycles

Mother is time, space, and the cycles of human existence from one incarnation to the next. She is reincarnation, destiny and fate of human beings. This is why Mother is perceived as a measurer, a watcher, a determiner, and a cutter of the life (umbilical) cord of her offspring. She is the biological time piece of Her children and of Her race. By and through Her is determined the quality, length and depth of life. This is why many people including Kushites and Kemites practiced matrilineal succession. Even today, ancient origins of people and individuals can only be known and traced through the Mother's DNA. Many esoteric ideas like the Mother of fate and destiny created the foundation of pure matrilineal community.

Mother Earth

The Black Goddess as Mother Earth is a universal myth in ancient aboriginal communities. She is the dark, cool earth covered with lush green and watery blue. Ancient societies saw the earth as Mother because they realized that all their existence depended on Her and Her great cycles. This is the source of powerful fertility, for She represents the harvesting of food, the coming and goings of the tides and the perpetration of animal species. She is the earth also because She is solid, dependable and always there to sustain, nurture, recycle and provide, just like the Holy Spirit.

Seat of Power

In ancient society, the Black Goddess was liken to the throne or seat of the Creator and foundation of the King. Many divine women were personified in this matter and they were seen as indisposable to the powers of royalty and the ancestors. One of the more famous Black Goddesses represented as the Great Throne is Auset, also known later by the Greeks as ISIS. Here Auset who originates from the Great Nile Valley region of Africa is the Great Throne of Heru who is Her son and the future King. It is from like stories that Western culture has inherited its Madonna/Child iconic images and ideas.

Living Vessel of the Spirit

The Black Goddess is known as the sacred vessel of the Holy Spirit. This spirit that dwells within is the African Holy Ghost or Great Dove which is the very essence of Love, Wisdom, Understanding and Divine Power. The magic vessel is characterized in many forms, as a vessel of pottery, a golden chalice, a gourd, a wicker basket, a brass bowl, even as a drum. However, She is symbolized, She is the magical vessel of all eternity, holding the sacred soma which is Her blood of the Old Ones and of newborns.

The following are only a few of maybe hundreds of symbols and ideas relating to the Black Goddess. More information on the Black Goddess and Her philosophy, theology and culture can be found on our Booklist page.

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