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Many Western scholars and intellectuals have dissected and researched ancient communities for generations. Modern people attempt to understand these communities, their value structures and religion. This is futile, especially when native people and others are not invited or considered in the examination. What we usually come away with are myths and assumptions that are documented as fact. This angers the native group and creates more social estrangement, something that is reflective of Western cultural habits in regards to native people all over the world. After all, ancient Kemet and Kush, among others represent ideals and beliefs which are opposite the general thrust of modern society. Studying culture is an attempt to understand and not to project, divide and conquer.

How can someone in America understand a community which had no concept of private property?

How can we grasp a world where women and men were equally valued for their similarities and differences?

How can we appreciate a community which did not see black as utterly evil and white as absolutely good?

How can we understand people who value harmony and cooperation more then commerce and acquisition?

How can we even dream a world where every living thing was sacred, alive and connected intimately to our own communal existence?

How can we understand people who see their whole world as one big cycle and infinite and not finite and moving in a straight line?

These assumptions cut to the very core of Western thought. Nothing happens in Western society without dualism, commercialism, finite time and space and the comlete negation of the maternal principle.

The love and spirituality that was common and everyday in matrilineal society must always be filtered through the lens of inadequacy, nihilism, commercialism, social hierarchies and rugged individualism. This is the existential inheritance of Western culture. This is also the context and parameter of our understanding. It is important to look at the everyday context of these societies and try to imagine a world that is orderly, communal, wholistic and deeply spiritual. One must try to feel what it must be like to be an accepted and everyday valued citizen in society. No struggle for survival. No fight for life and over resources. No competition or race, class and gender hysteria. These are people who simply lived and enjoyed every aspect of life. The Great Mother and Her alone has the ability to provide and create a world of genuine peace, fertility, creativity and happiness. This is Mother. She is the temple, the abode, the body and soul of communal life and the

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