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The Black Goddess as a symbol and concept of wholeness stems from Her being perceived as the embodiment of pure, uncorrupted love. When we talk about wholeness we fail to recognize the over-ridding importance of love. Through love, all things are possible. Love makes life more then just living and surviving. Love is rich and it makes things full, creating depth and so much meaning. This is who She is ...Love manifested in the lives of African women and men. Embracing Her means we accept who we are not only as a culture with a history, meaningful contributions and reflections, but as human beings, vulnerable, desiring love, comfort, stability, forgiveness, protection and freedom.

Love is wholeness. Love is Power. It is Oneness. Love is the pathway and it is the end point. The Black Goddess is this and more.

She is acceptance, complete healing, the great reconcilation of the dualing opposites and the final communion. She is the great peace, the return and the illustrous paradise. She is the transcendance of 3,000 years of wounds, struggle, estrangement, sadness and bitterness.

In cultures like the West were it is OK to forget, negate and even blame one's Mother...i.e., the earth, one's ancestry, one's motherland, one's beliefs and traditions and one's genetic mother, then we can see how powerful it truly is to embrace the divine as one's mother. She is the source of culture and the uniting of the sacred twins. Nothing is done in ancient society without Love. Nothing is done without MAAT, thus nothing is done without the participation of the Black Goddess

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