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In life, gets confusing but I don't know why.
But I've made my plans already.
Had this trouble with it all my life.
Well world disasters, they come and go.
I'd give all my strength to be back home
'Cause there are people, asking why (L)
There are people asking... (L)

"People Asking Why" by Seal

The Return of the Aboriginal Ancestors

     Many religions today speak about the return of the Prophet or the Master.  This is called the Great White Dove, the Anointed Christ, the Madhi, Great Buddha, the Shekina, the Bird tribe...etc.  This is the promise given to the devoted following.  This great return is accompanied by the defeat of evil and a resurrected and redeemed humanity.  Well among many traditional African beliefs there is the return of the ancestors.  This is similiar in that it means only prosperity, redemption and salvation for African people.
     Since many religions are traced to the cradle of Africa (TaMeri), the return of the ancestors include the return of Great Prophets, Queens, Kings and Priests who were justice and love based.  These are the eternal people who gave aboriginal humanity so many wonderful gifts and miracles.  They are the first scientists, astronomers, philosophers, agriculturalists and builders of majestic stone temples and observatories.  These are the women and men who created the first democracy and the first One-Source theology.  Their history and legacy is so profound that all of classical literature is dominated by them who herald from Indus, Kemet, Sumer, Kush, Old Asia, Atlantis, Lemuria, Inca, Olmec and many other native civilizations. With the close of one age and the coming of a new one, many African and African Americans welcome the return of their wonderful and glorious ancestors who they believe will restore the original harmony, the orignal justice and the original peace.

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