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What's the best thing about being queen? Just being the queen, that's all... Being the Queen of Soul is a theatrical title. But at home, I'm the queen of my house, so, hey, I'm a domestic goddess. 
 Aretha Franklin

1001 Names of the Supreme Being

After many years of research I have been amazed at all the divine black Mothers found in the world.  It is truly an incredible hidden element that is quite pervasive in the world.  I had some expectations going in that some Goddesses existed and it would be pleasant to have all these names and bleiefs in one book.  It however has been expanded way beyond my wildest dreams.  I was amazed that I found 200 names but as the resources and hidden cultures kept popping up then I felt comfortable to create a list of 1001 names of HER.  From the more notorious and well-known Mothers, to many who are relatively unknown, this list documents every divine personage of Goddess who is believed, rendered and historically documented to have a dark image.  Many communities are African indigenous but there are many who are not African-looking but honor an African-looking Goddess or pantheon nonetheless.
Here is the list so far, which will end with a 1001 Names of Her.  Anymore I amazingly find will not be posted here.