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SS.     Salvation, Surrender and Soul
Sabath=Mother of the Abyssinia (Beta-Israelite) nation.  She is the mother of the feast and holy day.  East Africa.
Sabulana=Savior-heroine of the Mackakeni people.  Africa.
Sara-Kali=Divine mother and ancestress of the Gypsies (Romane) of Europa.  Persia/North India.
Sekhmet=The lion-headed sun mother of war, the hunt, famine and the underworld.  Khemet/Africa.
Sela=First woman of the Luhya nation.  Kenya/East Africa.
So=Nigerian mother of the Pangwe, Gallas nation.  She is the moon and the night.  West Africa.
Suria=This mother gave her name to Syria.  SW Asia.
TT.    Truth, Tomb and Time
Tefnut=Mother of the daybreak.  Khem.
Tiamet=Dragon woman of bitter waters.  Babylon.  SW Asia.
Tlazolteotl=Mother of the moon and sensuality.  Aztec/South America.
Toci=Grandmother of healing powers.  Aztec/South America.
Tsetse=Mother of the Belgian Congo, Zaire adn Bushongo.  She is the mother of fire and the weather.  SC Africa.
UU.     Ubiquitous, Utopian and Union
Untombinde=Mother of the Zulu.  She represents justice.  South Africa.
Usiququmanderu=Monster mother of the Zulu, she represents ugliness, 
destruction and evil.  South Africa.
VV.     Vision, Void and Vulva
Vashi=Queen of the Persians and also the states, "high priestess."   Elam.
WW.     Wisdom, Witness and Wholeness
Wagadu=Mother of the Fulbe nation.  She is physical prowess and 
directions.  West Africa.
Walo=Mother of the sun, her daughters are Bara and her sister-in-law is the world mother Madalait of the Kore nation.  Australia.
Watamaraka=Mother of evil who gave birth to all the demons.  South Africa.
XX.     X-ray Vision, X-axis and X (to cancel out)
Xochiquetzal=Mother of flowers.  Aztec/South America.
YY.     Youthfulness, Yams and Yoga
Yemaya=Mother of the 14 divinites or orishas, Santeria.  Brazil/South 
Yamuna=Mother of the river, ruler of Jumma.  India.
Yohuatlicetl=Ancient Mexican moon mother.  Central America.
ZZ.     Zodiac, Zenith and Zero
Zat-Badar=Ethiopian, Abyssinian mother of the sun and the day.  East Africa.

The Divine Mother