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You bring joy to my life
And I'm so glad that we are together
You're the one who lifts me up
You bring sunshine where there's stormy eweather
When I think of you
I thank you for your love and understanding
Like a plane you make me fly
You bring our love to a happy landing
"Lady Sun" by Beloyd Taylor
of Earth Wind and Fire

The Meaning of the Word, MA

       The word MA is the shortened name for MAAT. MAAT originates in the ancient culture of Kush, which extends into Old Khemet, known as Egypt by the Greeks. MAAT is the Great Mother of truth, wisdom, law, divine judgement, measurement and balance. MA as MAAT is divine intelligence, metaphysician and wise-person. She is divine light and the divine darkness that created the light. MA is the all-seeing eye of truth and justice. She is also nourishment and fulfillment.

       In Khemetic cosmology, the word MaMa, refers to the all-nourishing breasts of the divine Mother. Even today infants still call the nourishing breast of their mother, MaMa. The reversed word, AmAm indicates the maternal devourer of flesh and souls.

       The ideogram MA, in one tradition, means immortality brought about by the drinking of the sacred milk of the Great Mother's breast. In the African-Hebrew religious view, the sacred letters of MA form the MemAleph combining the ideographs of "fluid" and "birth." This holy sign is credited with protective and creative power. In the Far East, the maternal bond that joined members of the matrilineal clan is called mamata or mineness. This refers to a common perception among matrilineal people that what belongs to mother, belongs to everyone. MA or mamata, thus expressed the idea that descendants of the same clan mother shared the same milk and blood and could not injure one another without injuring themselves. The sacred MA, in pictographic form means the great yoni. This is the symbol of the Mother and her power to give life, to heal and to comfort. This hieroglyph refers to a mystical essence uniting all the souls in a matrilineal clan.

       The term Maya is used in the Vedas to signify the Glory of the Mother, which is seen as a material manifestation. Later this term came to suggest the illusory nature of the universe. Mother Maya in Buddhist cosmology is the mother of Buddha. Buddha's real name is Sut Nahsi. He is possibly of Dravidian descent. In Old Europa, in the original Norse language, the word man means woman. The Sanskrit root of man means wise blood emanating from the moon. It also means wisdom in Sanskrit.

       Many modern words referring to the masculine, actually began as terms for women and the Great Mother. For instance, the terms he, man, men..etc. The isle of Man is a sacred sanctuary of the moon Mother. Her name is variously applied as Man, Mana-Anna or Manannan. This island used to have an enchanted palace with a crypt or chapel of thirteen pillars, which is the sacred number of the moon, the lunar calendar and menstruation. Thus, the original word man means moon, woman, wise blood, wisdom and menstruation.

       The word MA is found as a prefix to words that refer to divine philosophies, esoteric sciences and skill-crafts. For instance, mandala, mantra, mahatma, mathematics, Madonna, Mary, magician, master, matter, Mayan, matrilineal...etc. In every case, a deep spiritual and cosmic truth underlies its meaning and reflects an origin in the religion of the Black Goddess.

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker
Harper Collins 1983

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