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After all the jacks are in their boxes
and the clowns have all gone to bed
You can hear happiness staggering on down the street
footprints dressed in red and the wind whispers Mary

A broom is drearily sweeping
Up the broken pieces of yesterday's life
Somewhere a Queen is weeping
Somewhere a King is has no wife
                                                     Jimi Hendrix
The Wind Whispers Mary

The Coming Era of the Black Virgin

We are now entering a period of the Black Virgin.  This makes sense for many reasons.  The new solar age is the age of Aquarius which is represented in ancient African beliefs in a form of a woman carrying a vessel of water.  In African culture, this symbolism could be traced to the act of pouring libations to honor ancestors.  The Virgin is important also because She appears always in the beginning and the end.  This is similiar to the cradle and tomb understanding where the Mother appears at the birth and the rebirth of the traveling soul.
           Here in America there is no difference from the essetial 
understanding of our ancestors.  Mother is here to guide us into the New Age.  She is here to bless the journey and to help us to make a smooth transition.
  For African Americans, I think Mother is more then archetypes and forms in psychology and myth, She is a very important part of black womanhood and the world of the ancestors.  As She is honored and revered so are the contributions and existence of all African women - women of color.  For in the Great African past, socieities that revered a divine Mother did not have the societal and theological issues so prevalent in Western culture.  The role of women in these societies were honorable and men supported and loved them as sisters, daughters, mothers and fellows.
           So the divine Mother is the New Solar Age, which She birthed.  She is the healer of the wounds of slavery and our important return to the fundamentals of the past.  She is the return of the Ancestors.  She is Nature, the communities of animals and the whole universe.  
She is the balance and wholeness so craved by every African American and every human being.

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