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"A woman deity, as appears in Revelations, seemed to have presided at the beginning.  All the unearthed sculptured idols of the primitive ages were feminine.  Ancient art again supporting traditions."
Wonderful Ethiopians of the
Ancient Cushite Empire
by Drusilla Dunjee Houston

Community Guidelines

Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to create a space where people can come share, network and grow around the Divine Mother, especially as She is represented in African culture and the diaspora.  We are a multi-faith group and include members from many belief systems.  All we ask is that you are honest about the history of your belief system.  The group is woman-centered and African-centered.  We hope to create new friendships and alliance to strengthen ourselves and to create a post-historical community which puts the Mother and child in the center of cultural, political and spiritual life.

Our Guidelines

     Our guidelines are simple.  This helps the BGF community to run smoothly and to stay focus on our mission.

 1.  We are a circle of seekers, so participation is a must.  We encourage all members to share their views and ideas.   Please understand that everyone is equally responsible for adding their insight and energy to this community.

2.   Your personal information is your business.  All the information collected by the Forum is temporary and will be deleted.  No information will be sold or used in anyway without your prior permission. 

3.   Our forum is woman-centered and African (native) centered.  Some people may be threatened or uneasy by frank discussions about history, religion, black empowerment, politics, sexuality, and black beauty.  If you are uneasy around dark-skinned people and their need to explore and challenge their understanding then this is not the forum for you.

4.   We do not accept digital attachments of any kind.  We suggest that you post only the information and links to information.  This is for the protection of all members and their online experience.

5.     This is an African-centered and Goddess-centered group.  The understanding of the Goddess is based on matrilineal principles.  We welcome those of many religions but we expect that everyone be open to the ugly truth that exists concerning religion, religious history, African people worldwide and the condition of African women and children.  All of us ultimately are defenders and upholders of the Truth and the sanctity of the black woman and child as the sacred center.   She is the source of our history and our ancestral traditions. 

6.    Of course, no pornography or hate speech is allowed.  No sexism, colorism, homophobia or other dualisms.  We respect diversity and promote everyone to share and to express their Truth.  Sometimes there are difficult issues and feelings but together we can overcome and learn from our mistakes and misunderstandings.  The Black Goddess being associated with pornography, satanism, or nihilism is not African or native in origins. 

If you do not meet the requirements of this group, please do not subscribe.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  We will be more then happy to assist you.  Please make the Forum your digital spiritual home.


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